5 Top Restaurants in Peregian - A Culinary Delight!

23 Jul 2023

Mariella Mexicantina:

Mariella is a Mexican cantina serving traditional/modern Mexican street food "antojitos " ("little cravings") artisan agave spirits, natural vino and of course cervezas! Set in the charming surf-side village of Peregian Beach, Mariella is an oasis to escape to and immerse yourself in the vibrant flavours of Mexico. ‍ With an ever-changing ingredient driven offering, Mariella embraces regional Mexican flavours whilst using local seasonal influences. The offering is sourced from sustainable suppliers ensuring quality and a health focussed menu with options for everyone. ‍ The "farm to table" bar features rare Mexican (fair trade) agave spirits and sustainable organic & biodynamic wines from Australia's top winemakers. 

Periwinkle Restaurant & Bar:

Bringing good friends together with good food. Found in a quiet corner of Peregian Square, Periwinkle Restaurant’s French Mediterranean inspired menu showcases the finest seafood and seasonal produce alongside an extensive French wine list.

Pitchfork Restaurant:

Pitchfork Restaurant has gained a stellar reputation for its innovative menu and commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Nestled in the heart of old Peregian Square, their dishes are a harmonious blend of flavours, crafted with passion and precision. From delicious appetizers to mouthwatering mains, this local gem never fails to impress.

Peregian Beach Hotel:

The menu changes with each season, featuring vibrant flavours made from fresh local produce. With access to some of the finest local harvests right here on the Sunshine Coast and a chef who has locked down the pub classics but loves to think outside the square, you’ll find a diverse seasonal menu offering tastes for every palate. There are 3 main spaces for you to enjoy: the Bar, the Bistro and il Porto Cocktail Bar. Each has their own flavour and feel to suit any occasion.

The Captain's Daughter:

Snack, meal, take away ..? Need something after an afternoon at the beach, something to pair with your beer, a bite on the run as you chase your kids around the Peregian Beach square .. or a relaxing long meal that takes as long as it takes. In addition to bar snacks, "The Captain's Daughter" have plenty of full meal options.

Whether you're a food lover, a visitor, or a local, these restaurants are not to be missed. Embrace the vibrant dining culture of Peregian and discover why it has become such a popular destination on the Sunshine Coast. Bon appétit!