Glen Eden Beach Resort's Journey with the Access Accelerator Program

22 Nov 2023

Our Commitment: At Glen Eden Beach Resort, we are committed to fostering a welcoming environment that celebrates diversity and promotes inclusivity. We strive to provide equal access to our facilities and services, ensuring that every guest, regardless of background or ability, feels valued and accommodated. Our dedicated team is trained to support individual needs and create an atmosphere where everyone can fully enjoy the beauty of Glen Eden Beach. We actively seek feedback to continually improve our accessibility initiatives and uphold our commitment to being a resort that embraces the principles of access and inclusion for all.

Glen Eden Beach Resort has taken a significant step towards becoming a beacon of accessibility and inclusivity in the tourism industry by participating in the Access Accelerator program. This initiative, a partnership between Spinal Life Australia and Cérge, is designed to empower businesses to provide exceptional service to all guests, including those with disabilities. As a result of the program, Glen Eden Beach Resort is developing a comprehensive Disability Action & Inclusion Plan, setting the stage for a more inclusive and inviting guest experience. The Access Accelerator program offers a suite of resources and support to guide businesses on their path to becoming more accessible and inclusive. Glen Eden Beach Resort, along with other program participants, is benefiting from expert-led training, innovative digital tools, action planning, inclusive marketing strategies, and comprehensive support. These components are crucial in equipping businesses with the tools and knowledge necessary to cater to all guests, regardless of their abilities.

Expert-Led Training: One of the core pillars of the Access Accelerator program is providing businesses with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional service to all guests. By empowering staff with expert-led training, businesses like Glen Eden Beach Resort can create an environment where every guest feels welcomed and valued. Through specialized training, staff members gain a deeper understanding of inclusive practices, communication techniques, and disability awareness, ultimately enhancing the overall guest experience.

Digital Tools: In today's digital age, innovative tools play a pivotal role in making businesses more accessible and inviting. The Access Accelerator program equips participants with cutting-edge digital resources and technologies aimed at removing barriers and enhancing accessibility. These tools not only improve the physical aspects of accessibility but also extend to digital platforms, making it easier for all guests to engage with the resort's offerings and services.

Action Planning: Developing a roadmap for progress is critical in any journey, including the pursuit of improved accessibility and inclusivity. Through the Access Accelerator program, Glen Eden Beach Resort is in the process of creating a comprehensive action plan that outlines specific steps for enhancing accessibility and creating a more inclusive environment. This strategic approach ensures that initiatives to improve accessibility are not only conceptualized but also diligently implemented, leading to tangible improvements in the overall guest experience.

Inclusive Marketing: Effectively promoting enhanced accessibility is essential in reaching a broader audience and showcasing the commitment to inclusivity. By learning inclusive marketing strategies, Glen Eden Beach Resort can communicate their accessibility enhancements to a wider demographic, emphasizing their dedication to providing an inclusive experience for all guests. Inclusive marketing not only raises awareness but also fosters a sense of trust and inclusivity among potential guests, ultimately driving positive engagement and visitation.

Comprehensive Support: The journey towards improved accessibility and inclusivity can be complex, but the Access Accelerator program provides participants with comprehensive support at every stage. From initial planning to full-scale implementation, the program stands alongside Glen Eden Beach Resort, offering guidance, resources, and expertise to ensure that their efforts toward accessibility and inclusivity are met with success. This unwavering support reinforces the commitment to inclusivity and serves as a valuable resource as the resort progresses on its journey.

The Access Accelerator program's presence on the Sunshine Coast, in partnership with Visit Sunshine Coast, has been made possible through the Queensland Government's Queensland Tourism Industry Development Accessible Tourism Enablers grants. This strategic partnership underscores the collective commitment to advancing accessible tourism and empowering businesses to create inclusive experiences for all visitors. By leveraging these resources and support, Glen Eden Beach Resort is poised to elevate its accessibility initiatives and set a new standard for inclusive tourism experiences.

As Glen Eden Beach Resort continues its journey with the Access Accelerator program, the commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and exceptional guest experiences remains at the forefront. Through the program's multifaceted support, the resort is laying the foundation for a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all guests. By embracing the principles of accessibility and inclusivity, Glen Eden Beach Resort is not only enhancing its guest experience but also shaping a future where every individual can fully participate in and enjoy all that the resort has to offer. In conclusion, the strides made by Glen Eden Beach Resort through its participation in the Access Accelerator program are a testament to its dedication to providing an inclusive and accessible environment for all guests. With the ongoing support and resources provided by the program, the resort is poised to set a new standard for inclusive tourism experiences, ultimately transforming the way guests of all abilities experience and enjoy their time at Glen Eden Beach Resort.