Dive into the Magic of Turtle Season at Glen Eden Beach Resort in Peregian Beach

06 Nov 2023

Welcome to Glen Eden Beach Resort, where beautiful beaches, pristine waters, and an enchanting ecosystem await you. As summer approaches, there's something truly extraordinary happening on our shores—Turtle Season in Peregian Beach. We are privileged to be a part of these incredible sea turtles' journey. From November to February, female turtles return to their birthplace, instinctively guided back to our golden sands to lay their precious eggs. Witnessing this ancient ritual is a true privilege that we treasure. One of the most iconic turtle species you may encounter during Turtle Season in Peregian Beach is the loggerhead turtle. These gentle giants can grow up to 3 feet long and weigh around 250 pounds! As they emerge from the crystal-clear waters and embark on their nesting journey, their grace and strength will leave you in awe. At Glen Eden Beach Resort, we understand the importance of sea turtle conservation and the role we play in protecting these beautiful creatures. Our local organisations including the Sunshine Coast TurtleCare Program and the Coolum Care Turtle Monitoring Program protect the coastal environment and its flora and fauna, and maintain the natural state of this unique part of the world.

We believe that it’s our collective responsibility to create a safe and welcoming environment for nesting turtles. Here are some practices we encourage our guests to follow:

  • Lights Off on the Beach: Help preserve their natural habitat by avoiding excessive outdoor lighting on the beach during nesting season. Turning off lights or using red or amber lights can reduce disorientation and keep the beach dark and welcoming for nesting turtles.
  • Beach Cleanup: Participate in beach cleanups to ensure a clean and safe environment for sea turtles. Removing obstacles such as plastic debris and other litter can help them navigate their way to and from the ocean.
  • Respectful Observance: If you are fortunate enough to encounter a nesting turtle or witness the thrilling sight of hatchlings making their way to the sea, remember to maintain a safe distance, remain quiet, and avoid any interaction. This ensures a stress-free environment for these incredible creatures.

We offer guidance to select one of the best local experiences to provide valuable insights into the life cycles and conservation efforts surrounding these majestic creatures. We believe that by immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature, we develop a deeper respect and love for our planet. Let us come together to protect and preserve the incredible ecosystem that sea turtles and other marine life call home. Join us at Glen Eden Beach Resort this Turtle Season in Peregian Beach as we celebrate the wonders of nature and embrace our role as caretakers of this beautiful world we inhabit. Together, we can make a difference, one turtle at a time.